Also starring: Sandrine Holt, Ivan Sergei, Nicholas Lea, and Jennifer Dale

A short-lived action hour brought to us by famed director John Woo about a team of former criminals brought together to work for a shadowy government agency on the side of good. Sadly, the series was cancelled just as Jackie was about to become a full-time regular. Jackie’s introductory episodes (‘This Old Gang of Mine’/’The Last Temptation of Vic’) were combined into a two-hour TV movie entitled Family Business, not to be confused with the episode of the same name.
- John Woo’s Once a Thief (1998)
Jackie Janczyk –
‘This Old Gang of Mine’
‘The Last Temptation of Vic’
‘LiAnn’s Choice’
‘The Director Files’
‘Mama’s Boys’
‘Kangaroo Court’
‘Family Business’
- Go For It (1996) (Discovery Channel)

Discovery Channel series covering non-traditional outdoor adventure sports
ppback.jpg prattpackfilmography001011.jpg
- Xena: Warrior Princess (1998)
Cyane –
‘Adventures in the Sin Trade I’
‘Adventures in the Sin Trade II’

Also starring: Lucy Lawless, Claire Stansfield, and Marton Czokas

In this two-part epic about Xena’s past and present encounters with the evil shamaness Alti, Vicky plays the Queen of the Amazons.
- Forbidden Island (1999)

This pilot from producer Aaron Spelling, similar in concept to the popular series Lost, was never picked up.
- Legacy (1998) (Independent – Las Vegas Film Festival Opening Night Gala Selection)

Also starring: David Hasselhoff, Rod Stieger, Corin Nemec, Douglas O’Keefe

A film about photojournalist Jack, who gets caught up in a woman’s dangerous quest to uncover her family legacy.
Vicky was en-route to the Philippines to visit friends on the set when she was informed that the actress originally cast as Ding had dropped out, and was asked if she would like to play the part instead. She accepted and was hurried off to the set within minutes of stepping off the plane. She even shares a scene with lead actor David Hasslehoff, when his character Jack comes to Ding for help with his investigation.
- Cleopatra 2525 (2000-2001)

Also starring: Gina Torres and Jennifer Sky

A futuristic series from Xena creator/executive producer Rob Tapert about women warriors set in the year 2525, chronicling their fight against the Bailey robots that have taken over the surface of the earth. Aired as part of the Back2Back action hour along with companion series Jack of All Trades. Cleopatra was converted to a one-hour series after the cancellation of Jack, but was also eventually cancelled.
Vicky originally passed on the role of Sarge for a chance to star in the sequel to the classic comedy Strange Brew. When funding for the film fell through she hurried to contact Cleopatra’s producers, who had been casting for a ‘Victoria Pratt-type’, and just managed to grab the part.
- Blacktop (2000) (HBO)

Also starring: Lochlyn Munroe, Kristin Davis, and “Meat Loaf” Aday

Television film about a crazed truckdriver who kidnaps his victims and holds them hostage...before killing them. Unfortunately, much of Vicky’s role as the sweet, small town cowgirl Charlie ended up on the editing room floor.