- House of the Dead 2: Dead Aim (2006) (Sci Fi Channel/Lions Gate Films)

Also starring: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Ed Quinn, Sticky Fingaz and James Parks

Sequel to horror film House of the Dead, based on the Capcom zombie-killing shooter video games. Vicky’s character is a member of an AMS team sent to deal with the spreading zombie infection at a University. Their mission – to quarantine the area, search for survivors…and kill every single zombie in their path while trying to get a sample of the original infected organism in the hopes of stopping the infection for good.
- Mayday (2005) (CBS)

Also starring: Aidan Quinn, Dean Cain, Kelly Hu

Thriller of the week action tv movie about a passenger jet that is mistakenly shot by an experimental air force missile. Vicky has a few scenes as an air traffic controller at San Francisco International airport.
- Hush (2005) (Lifetime Network)

Also starring: Tori Spelling, Tahmoh Penikett

A woman is excited when her husband suggests that they move to the idyllic small town where he grew up. However, once they move in, his vindictive ex-girlfriend becomes obsessed with him and focused on getting him back.
- Murder at the Presidio (2005) (USA Networks)
CPL Tara Jeffries

Also starring: Lou Diamond Phillips, Jason Priestly

An Army Sergeant’s wife is murdered. Military police write it off to a string of on-base robberies, but Warrant Officer James Chandler doesn’t buy it. Vicky plays a Military Police Corporal who helps Chandler blow the case wide open. Based on actual events.
- Comedy Hell (2005) (Independent)

Also starring: Owen Smith and Michael DeLuise

Humorous horror movie about three stand-up comics who go to Big Bear, CA to do a gig and cross paths with a serial killer who’s killing devil worshippers and other blasphemers.
- Ham & Cheese (2004) (Independent)
Hollywood Honey/Herself

Also starring: Mike Beaver and Jason Jones

Two talentless actors attempt to make it in the cruel world of showbiz. Without an ounce of talent between the two of them and their only strength being persistence, they’ll do almost anything to attain their dream. Except let it go.
- Double Dare (2004) (Documentary)
Herself (Uncredited)

Also starring: Jeannie Epper, Zoe Bell, Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman, and Steven Spielburg

A documentary about stunt women Jeannie Epper and Zoe Bell, and their quest to make a living in male-dominated Hollywood. Zoe Bell was Vicky’s stunt double on Cleopatra 2525 and also doubled for Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.
- Pyramid (2004)

Vicky shows off her quick wit and intelligence on this popular gameshow, along with fellow Mutant X co-star Victor Webster. Vicky makes it to the winners circle not just once, but twice...
- The Mallory Effect (2002) (Independent – Slamdance Film Festival Opening Night Gala Selection)

Also starring: Josie Moran

Charlie gets dumped by his girlfriend, Mallory, and decides that the only way to get her back is by befriending her new boyfriend, Curtis, and sabotaging their relationship from the inside.

Being in this film meant keeping a grueling schedule – Vicky spent her days shooting Mutant X in Toronto while doing night shoots in Montreal for Mallory.
- Mutant X (2001-2004)
Shalimar Fox

Highlight episodes:
‘Fool For Love’
‘Lest He Become’
‘A Normal Life’

Also starring: John Shea, Victor Webster, Forbes March, Lauren Lee Smith, and Karen Cliche
Vicky plays a feral, a human with feline animal DNA, in a role that was written specifically for her after her previous work with production company Fireworks on Blacktop. Shalimar is part of a team led by scientist Adam Kane, fighting against evil genetics giant Genomex and battling to protect a world that knows nothing of their existence.

The series was nominated for a Saturn Award in the ‘Best Syndicated/Cable TV Series’ category in 2003; Victoria also earned a nomination for ‘Best Supporting Actress in a Syndicated/Cable TV Series’ for her portrayal of Shalimar the following year.

After initially being renewed for a fourth season, Mutant X was cancelled when its production company, Fireworks, folded.
- First Wave (2000) (Sci-Fi Channel)
Claire Wilson/Gia –

Also starring: Sebastian Spence and Traci Lords

Sci-Fi Channel series about a man trying to stop an en-masse alien invasion foretold in the prophecies of Nostradamus.
ppback.jpg prattpackfilmography001011.jpg
- Brotherhood of Blood (2007) (Independent)
Carrie Rieger

Also starring: Sid Haig

After her entire clan is wiped out by the demon Vlad Kossei, a vampire huntress sets out to stop him from killing his brother and regaining his full power.

Vicky plays a vampire hunter. ‘Nuff said.
-Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep (aka 'Deadly Water') (2006) (SCIFI Channel)
The movie, originally named Deadly Water, was renamed in a viewer submission contest when the network decided they wanted a better name for the film.
-Her Fatal Flaw (2006) (Lifetime Network)

Vicky stars as a defense attorney Laney, with William B. Davis (the X-Files' "Cigarette Smoking Man") playing her mentor, the State's Attorney.
-Day Break (11/15/2006-12/13/2006 ) (ABC)
Andrea Battle

Also starring: Taye Diggs, Adam Baldwin

Detective Brett Hopper is framed for the murder of a state attorney and on the run…only to wake up and live the day all over again. He carries all the bruises and battle scars from the ‘day prior’, but he can also remember everything he did…or didn’t do. Only by learning from his mistakes and finding the balance between doing what’s important and what’s right, can he clear his name, save his loved ones, and move on to tomorrow.
The series unfortunately never had the chance to gain an audience and sinking ratings forced ABC to cancel it after airing only five of the thirteen episodes that were produced and scheduled to air.
- What Love Is (2007) (Independent)

Also starring: Cuba Gooding Jr., Anne Heche, Sean Astin, Matthew Lillard, Gina Gershon, Tamala Jones, Mars Callahan, Shiri Appleby, Jud Tylor, T.C. Carson, Jenna Jameson

A romantic comedy taking place during the course of one night, where Tom Riley heads off to meet his friends at home and propose to his long-time girlfriend, Sara, on Valentines Day, and in the process, discovers what love truly is.
Laney Hennessy

Also starring: William B. Davis, Vincent Spano

A story of a high profile politician who's found murdered in a Chicago hotel room. All signs point to an affluent local businessman, who turns to the only person he feels he can trust - his fiancé, a rising-star defense attorney. She soon finds herself embroiled in an intricate web of blackmail, murder, and deceit that forces her to confront the possibility that her man may not be at all she believes him to be.

Also starring: Charlie O’Connell, Jack Scalia

A marine archeologist and a sailor team up to search for a priceless ancient treasure, only to find themselves in danger from a giant squid that seems to be protecting the treasure, and a ruthless rival who wants the artifact for himself.
- Dirty Sexy Money (2007) (ABC - Pilot)
Naomi Leeds

Also starring: Peter Krause, William Baldwin, Donald Sutherland

The pilot, about the excessive Darling family, has Naomi, the editor-in-chief of Elite Magazine, conducting and in-depth, probing interview for a tell-all profile article on the Darlings. She bluntly reveals what she thinks of the Darlings, and it turns out that she has some very personal reasons for wanting to publish the dirt-filled article. Unfortunately, time constraints forced the removal of the Naomi character from the pilot.
- Hush Little Baby (aka Wednesday's Child) (2007) (Lifetime Network)
Jamie Ashford

Also starring: Ari Cohen, Johanna Black

Jamie Ashford lost her first child Amanda a year ago. Now she's surprised to find herself pregnant despite taking precautions. A series of events convinces Jamie that Caitlin may be evil, but is it just Jamie's mind playing tricks on her because of the grief she hasn't dealt with? When the truth is revealed, it seems Jamie was right all along.
- Ghost Whisperer (Season 3, 2007-2008) (CBS)
Professor Claudia Pollili-
'Double Exposure'

Also starring: Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Jay Mohr

Melinda and Professor Payne meet with another college professor who discloses that she had an affair with a student. That student just passed away after an accident.
- Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) (ION/RHI Entertainment)
Martha Dennison

Also starring: Ricky Schroder, Peter Fonda

Based on the Jules Verne Novel and set in the late 1870's - A Woman (Victoria Pratt) hires an anthropologist/adventurer (Rick Shroder) to track down her husband (Peter Fonda), who has disappeared while searching for an elusive passage to the center of the earth.
- Cold Case (Season 6, 2008-2009) (NBC)
Vanessa Quartermann-
'Mind Games'
- CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Season 9, 2009) (CBS)
Carla Banks-
'The Grave Shift'
- Life (Season 2, 2008) (NBC)
Diane Graham-
'Badge Bunny'
- Test The Nation: Sports (2008) (CBC)

Nationwide quiz show originating in the Netherlands which has become popular in several other countries, it is Canada’s 2nd highest rated show after Hockey Night in Canada. Victoria participated as part of the celebrity panel in the show’s sports trivia edition.
- Moonlight (Season 1, 2007 - 2008) (CBS)
Dee Dee Dwight –
'Fated to Pretend'

Also starring: Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Myles

Benjamin Talbot, a new A.D.A., investigates the murder of Beth's boss Maureen. Beth and Mick pursue their own investigation, Benjamin warns them not to spoil any evidence that could lead to the culprit.
- Fear Itself (Season 1, 2008-2009) (NBC)
Robbie Collins-
'The Circle' (Unaired)
- NCIS (Season 7, 2010) (CBS)
'Jet Lag'
- Mongolian Death Worm (2010) (SyFy)
- Lie to Me (Season 3, 2011) (FOX)
-Your Love Never Fails (aka A Valentines Date) (2011) (Hallmark)
Anne Marie
-Echoes (2011) (Independant Test Pilot)
-Soda Springs (2012) (Independant)