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If Victoria has proven one thing, it's this: never judge a book by its cover. A former athlete and fitness model turned actor, she is more than the sum of her roles and photo spreads, as anyone who has met her can attest. She is best known for her three seasons as Shalimar Fox on the hit series Mutant X, a role which earned her a prestigious Saturn Award nomination for 'Best Actress in a Syndicated/Cable TV Series', and her starring role as detective Andrea Battle on the ABC series 'Day Break' Other popular roles include the Amazon Queen Cyan (Xena: Warrior Princess), sci-fi badass Sarge (Cleopatra 2525), and mob boss Jackie Janczyk (John Woo's Once a Thief). Why do we love her? Simply put, she's a sweetheart, wickedly smart, naturally sexy, and a talented actress who has yet to show us all the tricks hiding up her sleeve. Her bright smile, infectious laugh, and fun-loving spirit that she shares with her fans make her irresistable.

Enter the PrattPack and discover this truly unique and talented lady for yourselves. There is only one Victoria Pratt... and we wouldn't want it any other way!
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